Robert Greenberg Compositions

Composer Robert Greenberg, Funny Like a Monkey, Mvt 1 – Knock Yourself Out

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Robert Greenberg Works List

Prelude and Fantasy (1976) for piano

Three Easy Pieces (1976) for piano

Five Pieces for Piano (1976)

Theme and Nine Variations (1976) for piano

Three Rondos (1976) for piano

String Quintet (1977)

Three Pieces (1977) for piano 

Brass Quintet (1977)

Pieces for the Holiday for piano (1978)

Three Episodes for piano trio (1978)

Five Little Songs of Love, Death, Incest and Spring (1978) for soprano and piano
texts by e. e. cummings

Five Folk Settings (1978) for piano 

Fanfare for Orchestra (1978)

Fantasy Variations (1979) for chamber orchestra

Festejo Episodios: A Divertimento for Five Players (1979) for two percussion, piano, flute and trombone

SIS BOOM BAH (1980) for concert band

Molad Ti’: A Processional for String Quartet (1981)

O Sweet Spontaneous Earth (1981)for mezzo-soprano and piano
text by e. e. cummings

Breaths, Voices and Cadenze (1982) for string quartet (String Quartet No. 1)

By Various Means (1983) for clarinet quartet

  • Passacaglia
  • Theme and Variation
  • Chaconne

Concerto in Three Movements (1983) for piano and orchestra

Songs and Dances for Piano (1984) for piano

Hear a Fractal, There a Fractal. . . (1984) for violin solo

Prayer for the Great Family (1981; revised 1985) for mixed chorus
texts by Gary Snyder

Quasi Un Madrigale: Four Italian Songs (1985) for soprano and piano

  • Il palatino, Aldo Palazzeschi
  • Poesia d’amore, Salvatore Quasímodo
  • La trombettina, Corrado Govoni
  • Quasi un madrigal, Salvatore Quasímodo

New Time (1986) for clarinet, violin and piano

  • Prelude
  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • Part Three
  • Postlude

The Separate Rose: A Chamber Cantata for Soprano, Tenor and Mixed Chorus (1986)
text by Pablo Neruda

Child’s Play (1988) for string quartet (String Quartet No. 2)

  • Games
  • Intermezzo: Dreams of Gold (Sogni d’Oro)
  • Dances

The Passing Years (1989) for baritone and piano

  • God Gave Me, Eliezer Greenberg
  • East Broadway, Mani Leib
  • The Passing Years, Reuben Eisland
  • Rabbi Elimelech, traditional
  • At My Wedding, Jacob Isaac Segal

Miracles (1989) for piano solo

In Shape (1990) concerto in three movements for two pianos and marimba

  • Wedge
  • Labyrinth
  • Spike

It Don’t Mean A Thing (1990) for percussion sextet

South Bay Angle (1991) for violin and piano

Rise and Shine (1991) for brass quartet

Dude ‘Tudes (1991) six etudes for piano

  • Orneriness/Contrary Motion
  • Building Blocks/Chords ‘n’ Stuff
  • Dreams of Play/Trills and Tremolos
  • Dancin’ Fool/Quarter-minute Waltz
  • Angel’s Hair/Legato
  • Cruisin’ with the Dude/Octaves-R-Us.

And Opposition of the Stars (1992) for soprano and piano
text by Andrew Marvell

Iron Balconies and Lilies (1992) for soprano, flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello, and piano

  • Prelude: A City by the Sea, Anna Margolin
  • Youth: Hay Mowing, Moyshe Kulbak; When Grandma, May She Rest in Peace, Died, Moyshe Kulbak
  • Love songs: Longing, Rachel Korn; Ancient Murdress Night, Anna Margolin
  • Children: If I Had the Emperor’s Might, Lullaby / Traditional; Toys, Abraham Sutskever
  • Age: Old Age, Jacob Gladstein; Rest, Jacob Isaac Segal

Crazy Levi (1993) for soprano and piano
text by Rachel Korn

On Trial (1994) concerto for solo vibraphone, flute, clarinet, bassoon, piano, violin, viola, and violoncello

  • Trial by Fire
  • Intermezzo 1
  • Trial by Water
  • Intermezzo 2
  • Time Trials/Trial Run

Among Friends (1995) for string quartet (String Quartet No. 3)

  • With Friends Like These
  • Inner Voices
  • Little Hands and Little Feet
  • Freund Barry
  • Friendly Persuasion
  • Coda/Finale: All For One and One For All

Pluck (1996) for guitar solo

  • Toccata/Hands of Steel
  • Strum/Serenade
  • Oh Tanenbaum
  • Two-Part Contention
  • Jon Doe
  • True Pluck

Piano Concerto No. 2 (1997)

  • Throb
  • Lyres and Smokers
  • Silver Bullet

A Footnote Extended (1997) for soprano and piano
text by Dannie Abse

And Goodness Lay Over the High Snow: Five Songs from the Yiddish (1997) for soprano and piano

  • The Circus Lady, Celia Dropkin
  • Of Course I Know, Zishe Landau
  • Widowhood, Malka Heifetz Tussman
  • Poem, Malka Heifetz Tussman
  • Winter, Jacob Isaac Segal

Behavioral Science (1998) for trombone solo

The Fair Singer (1999) for soprano and piano
text by Andrew Marvell

Rarefied Air (1999) for clarinet, violin and piano

  • Liftoff
  • Creatures of the Night
  • Fresh Aria
  • Crystal Set

Funny Like a Monkey (2001) for Piano Quartet

  • Knock Yourself Out
  • Flutterby
  • Morph (with apologies to J. B.)

Snappy Rejoinder (2005) for string quartet (String Quartet No. 4)

  • Walk
  • Sub
  • Buzz

Anything You Can Do . . . (2006) for vibraphone and violin

  • Identity Crisis
  • Fine Motor Skills (Good Vibrations)
  • Mano e Mano

Tempus Fugit (2008) for piano

So Let Us Live – Really Live! (2009) for baritone and piano

  • When I Was One-and-Twenty, A. E. Housman
  • For an Amorous Lady, Theodore Roethke
  • Love Me Not for Comely Grace, John Wilbye
  • So Let Us Live – Really Live!, Gaius Valerius Catullus

It’s Snowing (2011) for string quartet (String Quartet No. 5)

  • DECG
  • Blue Skies (Inclement Weather)
  • It’s Snowing

Lemurs are Afraid of Fossas (2011) for ‘cello and piano

  • Predating Game
  • Things That Go Bump in the Night
  • The Shadow Knows

South Bay Angle (A Twisted Tango) (revised 2011) for violin and piano

Invasive Species (2012) for piano quintet

  • Three-Part Intention
  • March of the Yellow Crazy Ants
  • One-Part Incursion
  • Pretty Pretty Poison
  • Two-Part Ignition
  • E. globules (10-20-1991)